Our Story

Collectible Old Stuff is a small, family run business founded by Cara Lomax. Cara has always collected antiques, primitive and vintage items and been inspired by original and industrial pieces, as well as unusual, beautifully designed spaces.

Her passion for old and collectible stuff has been carefully cultivated over the years, starting at the age of 15 with a collection of colourful oversize glassware which at the time was only a couple of pounds and is now worth a couple of hundred.

Since then, Cara has spent a lot of time refining her taste and started collecting eclectic pieces that have also become proven sound investments.  It was in 2015 that Cara decided to take her dream of finding treasures one step further and Collectible Old Stuff was created.

Expanding on her creative flair has motivated her to develop the company Collectible Old Stuff.  Cara travels all over Europe from her base in Hungary to find and discover unusual, distinctive and original items to enable an interesting portfolio of icons which are based on quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness and beautiful interesting designs.

This exclusive collection allows you to invest and make your world around you a more interesting and unique place to be.

Build a beautiful environment with Collectible Old Stuff.