Vintage 60s LISTENING Chair Quirky Furniture Seat Retro Mid-Century Decor

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Polish style mid-century solid timber framed chair in cherry red vinyl.

Quality 60s chair super quirky and perfect shape and comfort for listening.

Great seating position, with iconic compass styled legs, its been well designed and is very stylish.  

This listening chair is slightly taller than the polish 366 chair giving it a more bold look. It has a delightful presence and shape all round and is a highly sought after design.

These are great to use as entrance, waiting, lounge or listening chairs!

Condition is OK, there are some obvious marks to the original red vinyl, it could be used as it for some more time after a very deep clean and light sand.  There are small marks to the back of the chairs where they may have been sat against a wall but hardly noticeable. The excellent stud work distracts the eye from any flaws.

Construction is solid, little rattles or shakes, but it would certainly benefit from a light sand, wax or oil.

Padding is good on the back and also good on the seat, there is some signs of previous use but does not need new foam.

Made in Central Europe.


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