Adjustable 60’s Vintage Awesome HEAT Spot Lamp, Spotlight

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Retro Steel Framed HEAT Lamp.

FABULOUS Lamp with Adjustable height and spot.

Made in ca. 60s in Central Europe with retro solid Quality and Design. This lamp oozes retro industrial medical design. It really holds its own and needs space to show off.

The lamp is in very used, scratched, bashed and dented condition. Its certainly not a write off but could do with some cleaning and buffing to get it shinning again. Or a full re-vamp and spray.

This lamp can be adjusted from 2 joints, just sit back point it to the part that aches and relax, the heat output is delightful, very powerful and effective.

Alternatively, recycle it and change to a lamp without to much work then pop a white bulb in and use as a spot light ))


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