AWESOME Vintage COSMETIC 60s CHAIR Quirky Furniture Seat Retro Bright Red Decor

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Rare Seating With Eye Catching 60s Design

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Mid-century Retro style Metal framed COSMETIC chair.  Also great as listening chair.

Quirky and bright 60s chair super comfy and perfect shape and size for relaxing for some pampering or listening to music etc.

Condition is fair, there is fading to the original orange/red material but no major damage.  There are some marks to the framework to, in the right setting this chair is the business.  Its a big statement piece looking to show off somewhere.

Construction is solid, no rattles or shakes

Cushion still soft and comfy.

Foot stool can be added for free if you would like it, its a 50s stool with elegant Barcelona legs and a big Puff.  Looks nice with the chair.

Seat height:    55 cm

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Dimensions102 × 66 × 103 cm


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