Delightful Vintage Antique Hungarian Wooden Dough Bowl or trough with stand, Farmhouse Decor

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A rare and stunning specimen

Delightful shape and presence are shown throughout this solid wooden hand-carved bowl and stand.

This was an important part of any farmhouse throughout Eastern and Central Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century

This particular bowl is made from solid elm and is in fair condition, It has some war marks, cracks, dents, and some wormholes but still strong enough for decor and display.

This particular bowl was used on a homestead in southern Hungary.

It could be kept nice and rustic as it is, or sanded and waxed for a more polished look.

It has been treated for impurities and oiled for preservation.

This particular bowl is unique in that it has carved carry handles.

W – 103.5cm
D – 47cm
H- 16cm

H – 66cm