Set of 2 Rewired Industrial Factory Hungarian Pendant Large Lamps-Working

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Industrial Factory Hungarian Pendant Large Lamps Kitchen Cafe, Barn, Warehouse Decor, Lighting, Statement, Enamel Shade, Spot Light Huge white Enamel Factory Lamps.

Taken from an old Russian/American airbase in Hungary.

This  statement Pendant lamp is great in so many environments, especially in kitchen and cafe, bar and restaurant settings.

It sets the tone with its industrial look and solid well built structure.  It is made from a thick metal covered with white enamel.

It has a unique special metal fittings wich make this lamp quite different.

There are the usual vintage scratches and rust spots visible adding the the nostalgic feel of these fabulous historical pendant lamps.



Diameter:   41 cm.

Height:       33 cm.


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