Primitive Antique Well Used Trough Dough Wooden Handmade Bowl, Rustic Pig Salter ca.1930

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Unique Shaped Delightful and VERY USED Wooden Antique Bread Mixing Dough Trough or pig salter.

Delightful character and presence is shown throughout this old wooden Handcarved Bowl.

This was an important part of any kitchen or bakery throughout Eastern and Central Europe.

This particular bowl is in very VERY used condition and has a big scar, some war marks and dents, which adds to the character. It is out of shape and is extremely decorative, its certainly been used well. There is some soft but not damp wood, it can be preserved but for just decorative purposes only, not heavy use.

It shows great craftsmanship for the era.

It could be kept nice and rustic as it is with a clean only, or sanded and waxed for a more sophisticated modern look.

They look wonderful filled with fruits and vegetables as a harvest bowl or for dried flowers small potted plants etc or adore them in their own entirely.


Width:      41 cm
Length:   100 cm
Height     15 cm


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