Rare Delightful Tiffin Tin, Food Containers Carrying Pots Farmhouse Planter Decor

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EYE CATCHING Tiffin, Tifin, Mess Tin made from Enamel from the early 60’s maybe earlier

This iconic tin was part of everyday routine in Eastern Europe and Russia in the communist years, it would have been used to keep food warm and to ensure it travels well.

Usually having a soup at the bottom, meat and potatoes in the middle and a bun on top.

It could be used for this function or for taking biscuits or snacks to a picnic with the automatic serving bowls.

Could also be used in a Shabby Chic environment or for some instant nostalgic atmosphere pop it on the side somewhere.

It has 3 containers, a few scuffs here and there but they are all watertight.

The handle is made from wood in a comfort shape to suit long distance carrying

It slots together through a bent metal holder with a twist mechanism to ensure the pots are held together tightly for minimum spillage.

In white with a traditional blue piped decor.

Delightful piece.


Bowl diameter: 13 cm
Width: 17 cm
Length: 14 cm
Height: 28.5 cm


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