Salon Vintage Double Chair Bench with Working Hair Dryers

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These Rare salon seats are from the depths of central Europe, they speak totally retro and are in good order structurally and functionally.

The metal frame has a brilliant overall Deco shape and the slanted compass legs make this a really eye catching statement piece.

Its very heavy as the chairs are built with thick timber planks, the frame is made from a nice dark oak and hand finished like a normal lounge chair.

Its upholstery has seen better days but with some wood exposed here and there and some funky fabric these could look amazing.

The dryers are working without fault and all the fittings are intact.

The whole unit could be upcycled into reading chairs with the dryers converted into lamps, I have seen this in some trendy library cafes in NY.

Mid-century modern Beauty and hair salon furniture with a retro 80s design.

Made in Germany.


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