Set of European Mid-Century Tub Bedroom/Lounge Chairs Egg Back Timber Frame

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This pair of mid century chairs are simply delightful. They bring instant history and sleekness to any environment.

They are made in Budapest and are typical of this 60s era. They would have been used in hotel receptions, theaters, swish tea rooms and townhouses.

The back tub, gorgeous Barcelona legs and charming rounded flowing shape are the main features of these chairs. 

The condition of the chair is solid with excellent timber, there is little rattles and movement. 

However, the original bright burgundy vintage fabric is faded but intact, renovated with some new fabric these chairs look incredible (ask us about renovations). 

The base and arms are intact. Legs are superb but need some sanding at the foot. 

These chairs were re-claimed from an old town house basement in Budapest in Hungary and are now ready for their new home. 

We have 5 further sets of these chairs in stock ready for upholstery, pick a fabric and have your own custom made mid century design classics. 



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