Set of Iconic Slovak Unique Mid-Century Vintage Dining Chairs

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Wooden thick framed chairs from the Slovak Region of Europe.  An iconic shape and style, these chairs are a joy to look at with their sleek design and quirky style.

They are typical of ‘out of mid-century into 60’s era’ and are becoming quite sought after due to the fabulous shape of the back rest and wrap and the hand made solid timber frame with its bentwood styled back support.

These chairs are in fabulous condition for their age, they are solid, strong and sturdy, the only flaws are minor scrapes, scratches and little bangs which do not interfere with the functioning or overall look of the chairs.  They would benefit from a light sand and wax.

The have an covered 60s textured fabric on them in typical green geometric design.  Its condition is OK, although there is some fading and wear to them, they are also quite dirty so would need a clean.

They look great as décor items, or in shop, or café environment.  Or in the vintage mid-century home.

Sold as a set of 2.

Fully upholstered and renewed – 250.00


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