Vintage Antique Butchers Block Table Refurbished To Coffee Table Single Plank

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This table is very old, its big and beautiful really bold and primitive. This table is statement furniture at its best, and is a must to any rustic setting, these are historical tables and carry a massive sense of nostalgia with them.

It has a massive single plank block top, and comes from a very large pine tree.

It has good strong chunky legs which we have shortened to make a perfect coffee side occasional table sixe. It has good handmade fixtures and joints.

The attractive top with lots of work marks, scratches, chips and bashes. So much character is seen in the patina of the surface.

Very beautiful to look at, great as a display table anywhere in the house or a cafe shop environment.


Height: 43 cm
Length: 126 cm
Width: 48 cm


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