Vintage Beautiful Primitive Wooden Handmade Antique Rustic Farm House Scoop, Grain Spoon

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Well Used and very Rustic Dough Paddle ANTIQUE and of Primitive Times.

This delightful piece of history has so much to talk about. It talks Rustic Living and is beautiful to look at, just to go back an imagine time when these were used along with the big dough bowls.

A bakery or pizza cafe or restaurant would look snazzy decorated with one of these, they make great wall decor.

The worn edges from use give it such photogenic appeal, so unique. Would be a fabulous prop for film or photography.

The stick is well shaped and strong with some little damage here and there. (can be sanded down)

Nice rustic wooden heavy hand carved solid paddle for bread

This particular paddle some really unique markings. It is like looking at art the way the carving has been worked.

Length: 133 cm
Width: 28 cm


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