Vintage Beautiful Primitive Wooden Handmade Antique Rustic Farm House Scoop, Grain Spoon

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Really old rustic and well used grain scoop. 100 yrs old .

Nicely marked with a great patina Rustic Grain or Flour Scoop.

A really great example of an old Wooden grain scoop.

Would have been a support bakery tool for making bread and cakes.

Beautifully hand carved with delightful dipping paddle, can’t begin to imagine how many tons of flour or feed this has shifted.

It has a talk-able exterior, nicely marked banged and bashed its well aged but solid and could be put on display on the wall or part of s shop/cafe display. Please see photos for bangs and bashes.


Length:   46 cm
Width:    19 cm
Paddle length:  27 cm


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