Vintage Primitive Handmade Bow or Buck Saw Tree Cutting Equipment, Farmhouse Decor

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A Primitive Garden Tree Cutting Tool.

A useful woodcutter for two person use.

Its a fabulous example of the simple art of tool making, and was very effective at its given role.

These Saws are becoming quite rare to find, especially in good vintage condition like this one. This holds so much history, blood, sweat and tears, you can just feel the muscle that went into using it.

A man/woman would have stood at each end, and pushed it back and forth until that tree came down.

The material on top looks like hemp or even horse hair, not sure, but its strong. It would have been used to change the tension in the saw.

Real great bit of Garden/Tool/tree memorabilia.

Perfect present for that tree surgeon in your life.


Length: 98 cm
Width: 46 cm


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