Vintage Set of Kitchen Cupboard Table Sideboard Seat Chair in Shabby Condition

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Set of Four Vintage Kitchen Furniture Items

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A most spectacular set of farm house furniture items which include a very Large kitchenette, large farmers table with retractable hidden butcher board, 1x small Sideboard, 1x 2-seater bench with storage box.

All in shabby condition, fabulously designed for the country farmhouse kitchen of the 50s.

This amazing set is all made from solid wood, mostly oak.

It is totally original and inside the draws and cupboards etc. is in undamaged and dry condition.

These sets look rather incredible after a restoration.

This set has been reclaimed from a catering kitchen for the farmhouse lodges which were used for the workers back in the 50s in central Europe.

The main cabinet is over 2 meters Long!


Bench measurements:
Width:    120 cm
Depth:    49.5 cm
S height: 50 cm


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