We are an independent team of creative upholsterers and material handlers in the heart of Central Europe.

We offer a bespoke service in both traditional and modern upholstery, with extensive and professional experience with midcentury and classic designs.

Our veteran member of our team was a team leader at the Bartholomew factory in Germany 50 years ago, his traditional knowledge is second to none when dealing with midcentury builds and design.

We have a huge stock of unique midcentury chairs, they can all be custom upholstered and you will see in our listings we will add a price for this service if desired.

Take a look at our gallery below for some examples of our work the seasons colour palettes, textures.

We also stock an extensive range of upholstery fabrics and have access to most suppliers.

We supply upholstery service to the whole of Europe at a fraction of UK prices due to our location.